The Right Time to Bring Up Divorce Mediation

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County Family Mediation - Divorce Mediation; California Divorce MediationDivorce mediation is not a process that is time barred or opens for a limited time only. As long as your divorce case hasn’t had its first formal trial, you and your spouse can opt for a mediated solution to your divorce. The important thing about mediation though is that it is voluntary and needs consent from both parties.

Divorce mediation will depend on the way your propose divorce and the timing of your proposal. This blog will talk about the best times to propose Orange County divorce mediation to your spouse. Divorce has many branches. There are many aspects to a divorce. There is a financial divorce, an emotional divorce, a parenting divorce and a social divorce. Each of these has their own specific timing which will play a part in your spouse assenting to or dissenting to your mediation proposal.

Factors that determine When to bring up Mediation

·         Emotional

Whenever one of the spouses proposes the idea of divorce, the other spouse goes into an emotional divorce phase, where their first reaction is to go into a state of denial. Once this denial dilutes and reality starts to set in a spouse may experience feelings of anguish, angst, anger and sadness. This will not be the best time to propose mediation. Only once they come to terms with the idea, in a state of acceptance, should you propose mediation.

·         Financial

When there couples are going through a relatively tight financial spot and are looking to make important financial decisions. This is the best time to suggest Orange County divorce mediation for resolution of major issues. When both of the spouses are not comfortable with their finances, the low cost of mediation will generally pull your spouse towards itself.

·         Legal

As far as the legal aspect of divorce is concerned, you need to make sure the suggestion for divorce is made before the petition has been filled. You can use the reasoning of legal costs, maneuvering and lawyer expenses as reasons they should opt out of litigation and go for Orange County Mediation. Telling them how mediation will give them the authority to decide the issues for themselves instead of having to rely on a judge could help sway their decision.

·         Social

Does your spouse have meddling friends that seem to have an opinion on everything? Social acceptance of divorce is the last stage of divorce before the actual divorce happens. Friends and family are often under the influence that litigation and opposed to mediation is a chance to get a larger portion of the assets. Before such friends harden the viewpoint of your spouse against Orange County divorce mediation, you need to speak to your spouse about it.


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